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Phoenix PT – Craig Elliot

The phoenix is a mythical creature. It’s story tells of a fiery bird, rising from the ashes to become stronger than before. It’s a tale of rebirth, strength and resilience. It’s also why Craig Elliot of Phoenix Personal Trainer (Phoenix PT) decided to name his business after the legendary bird.

“The story of the phoenix and its rebirth shares a lot of parallels with what we do here,” says Craig.

“Right down to a rising-from-the-ashes emphasis. But the inspiration for the studio came ironically from all the past clients that I didn’t  get a chance to work with for as long as either of us would have liked, time and money were such a barrier to so many.”

Phoenix PT is a personal training studio offering a blended program of 1-on-1 private sessions with additional mentoring and coaching.  This hybrid approach allows clients to achieve all the results of having a personal trainer without breaking the bank or overloading a busy schedule.

That’s why Craig’s studio, on 203-257 Pinnacle Street in Belleville, focuses on a core tenant: accessibility.

“It’s important to the program design that clients can take elements of their 1-on-1 workouts and apply them at home on their own. My goal is to get clients to see that there is no one right way, no best program or diet,” he says.

“I strip it down to brass tacks and help people make the best choices for them. Everybody is different, so it’s always a brand new challenge.”

Craig’s clients come from all kinds of different backgrounds – from age to physical ability to professional background – and while they may all start at different levels, he has the same destination in mind for all of them.

“Start at the floor first, and then go to the ceiling. I think most people picture a trainer as jamming their foot down on the gas to speed things up, but the real magic happens when I get you to take your own foot off the brake.  The feedback I get from clients is that they feel empowered, and that’s really the key to lasting results.”

Just like the phoenix, Craig’s clients are there to experience a fiery rebirth. Becoming a better version of themselves through guidance, hard work and dedication. For Craig, it’s a call to action.

“Everyone is welcome to start building their best self.”

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