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Be Prepared – Emma Travis

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing first aid. Being trained in life-saving skills mean that you’re prepared in the face of an emergency, with the ability to act and to save lives.

Emma Travis embodies the philosophy of preparedness. When she started Be Prepared First Aid Training, Emma wanted to do a unique spin on first aid.

“I remember taking some very boring first aid courses years and years ago,” she reflects. “When I started teaching I decided that first aid doesn’t have to be boring.”

But, just because Be Prepared isn’t boring, that doesn’t make it any less important – and the wide range of courses available reflect that.

“Be Prepared is about promoting safe and healthy living,” Emma says. “We offer Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR training. We also offer a host of online training for WHMIS, Lockout Tag-out, fire safety and the transportation of dangerous goods. We’ve also partnered up with Safety Courses 4 Kids to offer a new brand of Home Alone Safety courses for kids, age 9-12.”

Be Prepared also does special workshops by request for Epi-Pen, CPR, defibrillators, infant and toddler CPR training and first aid workshops. In addition to offering all these fantastic programs and courses, Emma is very active in the advocacy side of first aid.

“Giving back to the community has always been a focus when possible,” she relays. “Last year I organized a day of Free CPR in November, and made a deputation to City Council about the need for more public access defibrillators in our city.  This year I hope to use our Free CPR Day to raise funds for purchasing more defibrillators to place in strategic locations in town. “

The importance of knowing first aid was made known to Emma when she was teaching her first class, after a student suffered a seizure. “That definitely prepared me to handle any class afterwards.” And the importance isn’t lost on her students either.

The most positive experiences are when past students contact me to tell me how they used their first aid training and saved a life,” she says.

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