Trenval’s MicroBoost financing program will help entrepreneurs in the Bay of Quinte who require a quick $20,000 loan (or less) to launch or enhance their business activities. This program is perfect for those who do not have time to wait for the traditional loan process. LEARN MORE

Trenval Business Booster

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Business financing up to $300,000
for start-up, relocation, maintenance or expansion of businesses located in the Trenval service area.

We are Lenders of Opportunity!
Our financing can be independent or
in partnership with other financial institutions.


Application Process
  1. Request a copy of the application form.
  2. Submit your completed package with accompanying checklist documents.

Deadline for applications is the 10th of the month.

Packages can be submitted:

  • Electronically to
  • By mail or drop off to: 284B Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd, Box 610, Belleville, ON K8N 5B3
  1. Book an appointment with the Business and Loans Advisor to review your needs.
  2. Loans are presented to the Investment Committee once a month. You will be invited to attend.
  3. If approved and upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out in the Offer to Finance, we will commence preparation of legal documents.
  4. Once the security documents are completed, with all terms and conditions met, funds will be disbursed and a repayment schedule provided including the requirement loan application fee.

Application Requirements

Businesses applying for financing must be located in Trenval’s service area

In order to apply for financing, the following documentation is required;

For existing businesses, please also attach:

  • The past 3 years financial statements and/or Revenue Canada Statement of Business Activities (Form T2125)
  • Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment (T2 for Corporations)
  • Current HST Return for Registrants
  • Confirmation that WSIB and Source Deduction payments are up-to-date
  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Trade Name registration

Personal Net Worth Statement

  • Personal Net Worth Statement for each applicant (partner(s) and/or spouse)
  • Proof of assessment value of home (MPAC Property Tax assessment and/or residential appraisal report)
  • Other information to confirm balances on statements


Other documents may be requested to support your application.


*Note: If the application is approved there is an application fee of a minimum of $175.00 or .5% of the loan amount approved.



Evaluation Process

All financing decisions are made at the community level by our local Board of Directors, made up of entrepreneurs and experts in their field.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration when reviewing loan applications:

  • Purpose of the financing request
  • Reasonable expectation of economic viability
  • Creation or maintenance of jobs
  • Character of the client including credit history
  • Personal investment or financial commitment
  • Security offered to protect the investment
  • Management skills and abilities
  • Ability of the business to repay the loan
  • Environmental factors

Business Loans Appeal Process

If a loan application is declined, be it at staff level, committee level or board level, staff will provide the applicant, in writing specifying the reasons the loan and /or investment opportunity did not meet with Trenval’s lending and/or investment criteria. The applicant shall have the option of appealing the decision.

  1. Within 30 days of notification of the application rejection the applicant can address the decline reason(s) in writing. If the applicant is able to address the concerns, a re-application will be welcomed for financing with any additional relevant information, to again be presented to Investment Committee/Board/Executive Director of Trenval for reconsideration.
  2. Once the written appeal is received, staff will take the appeal request and any revised materials to the appropriate person/committee/board for a decision at their next regular scheduled meeting. Should the applicant be unable to address the concerns and still feel that the loan application should have been granted, the applicant can request the original application or the secondary application be presented for consideration.
  3. The Investment Review Committee, Board of Directors and/or Executive Director may uphold, partially uphold or not uphold the appeal. Additionally, they may make recommendation(s) to the Trenval Chair regarding loan policy or process.No person shall penalize or otherwise discriminate against a person who brings a complaint, gives evidence or otherwise assists in an appeal.
Types of Loans
Accessibility Loan
This loan is available to all property owners of a business and not-for-profit locations that will need to complete renovations/upgrades to their facilities to meet the new Accessibility Standards.
Agriculture Loan
This loan is available to the agricultural industry to assist with the development of new and innovative agricultural products and services
Buying A Business/ Succession
Buying a successful existing business makes a lot of sense and can be a great investment. You are your own boss but lessen the risk by buying a business with a history of what worked, what didn’t, who the customers are, who supplies the inventory, etc. You keep what you like and tweak what you want to make your own.
Cash Flow / Working Capital
Launching a new product line or service takes money and we know that. Perhaps you need funding to get a project off the ground or want to add new hires to your team. Cash flow/working capital is an integral part of business.
Purchasing new or used equipment is often a necessity to remain competitive and grow. Talk to us about your needs and we can customize a repayment schedule that doesn’t affect your working capital. Equipment financing plans can include costs associated with purchasing equipment like shipping, installation and training.
Hospitality Loan
The Hospitality Industry is one of the toughest industries to secure funding from a traditional lender. We acknowledge businesses covered under the definition of Hospitality (i.e. restaurants, motels etc. ) operate with a higher risk of reaching successes. This loan offers a flexible repayment schedule that follows the cash flow of the business.
To help entrepreneurs who are looking to develop new products or find new ways to offer existing products through innovation.
In responding to the changes being faced by the manufacturing sector financing is often required to support inventory, human resources, supply chain and new equipment.
Financing to new businesses (2 years and under) that are looking for capital to purchase equipment, promote their business or assist with general start-up costs.
Social Enterprise
We provide financing to Social Enterprises. A social enterprise is a business, who produces goods and services for the market economy, but who manage their operations and redirect their surpluses in pursuit of social, environmental and community goals. Non-profits may be eligible for a reduced interest rate.
Youth Loans
Developed to assist young entrepreneurs entering the business environment. A Start-Up loan may also be available through Futurpreneur (link)