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CEED – Community Empowerment for Economic Development

The purpose of Community Empowerment for Economic Development (CEED) is to assist non-profit corporations and social enterprises with a contribution towards projects that are incremental and strive to enhance the growth and well-being of the community.

This CEED program is part of Trenval’s strategic plan, and supported projects should be inclusive, strategic, sustainable and community-driven whereby the community takes responsibility for planning and implementing measures to improve their economic future, well-being and quality of life.

Application deadline is November 30, 2023. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

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2022 Local Initiatives

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To discuss if you have an eligible project to be considered for Trenval funding, please contact the Executive Director of Trenval for a CED Project Funding Request Form.

Projects can vary from year to year depending on operational funding resources available and can be in areas such as business initiatives, tourism, entrepreneurship, economic opportunities for specific client groups and/or align with the Government of Canada’s priorities. Activities of supported projects must take place in the Trenval catchment area and only organizations can make the application; no requests made by individuals will be accepted.

Granting financial assistance in any one year by the Board of Directors is not regarded as a commitment by Trenval to continue such assistance in future years. Trenval is not obligated to allocate funds to any organization’s project even though they satisfy the CED project objectives.

Applications are generally reviewed in the first quarter of the year.