Community Express Gratitude to Executive Director Amber Darling for 30 Years of Dedicated Service

L-R Barbara Enright Miller (City of Belleville), Adam Bramburger (MPP Todd Smith), Amber Darling, Trenval, Joanna March, Trenval Chair, Mayor Jim Harrison (Quinte West)

L-R Barbara Enright Miller (City of Belleville), Adam Bramburger (MPP Todd Smith), Amber Darling, Trenval, Joanna March, Trenval Chair, Mayor Jim Harrison (Quinte West)

Belleville, ON – June 26, 2024 – The Trenval Board of Directors and Community is proud to announce and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of Amber Darling, who has served in many roles within the Trenval Organization over the past 30 years and currently serves as the Executive Director.

Amber’s unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have been instrumental in fostering the growth and success of small businesses across the City of Belleville, the City of Quinte West, the Municipality of Stirling-Rawdon, the Township of Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga Mohawk Bay of Quinte (M.B.Q.), and the Town of Deseronto.

Amber Darling’s tenure at Trenval has been marked by a steadfast commitment to supporting and nurturing the local business community. Her exceptional ability to strategize, innovate, and lead has helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses, significantly contributing to the economic development and
vitality of our region. Among her many achievements, Amber recently spearheaded the development of the CEED program, aimed at stimulating economic growth through non-profits in the community.

Throughout her distinguished three-decade career with Trenval, Amber has played a pivotal role in:

  • Providing invaluable guidance and resources to small business owners, empowering them to achieve their dreams.
  • Fostering a supportive and collaborative business environment that encourages innovation and growth.
  • Driving initiatives that have led to sustainable economic growth and robust advocacy in the local area.
  • Strengthening partnerships between Trenval and key stakeholders within our communities, ensuring a unified approach to economic development.

Amber’s impact extends far beyond the realm of business development. She has been a mentor, a champion, and a tireless advocate for economic prosperity in South Eastern Ontario. Her relentless dedication embodies the core values of Trenval, setting an unparalleled standard of excellence for others to follow.

Joanna March, Chair of Trenval, expressed her gratitude, saying, “Amber’s unwavering commitment to our community and local businesses has been nothing short of inspirational. Her dedication over the past 30 years has not only driven economic growth but has also created a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can thrive. Amber’s work with Trenval exemplifies what it
means to serve with passion and integrity.”

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, the Trenval Board of Directors would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Amber Darling for her unwavering service, inspirational leadership, and profound dedication to the betterment of our communities. Amber will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide Trenval in its mission to support small businesses and drive economic growth.