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Doggie Detailing

“You can’t fake passion” shares Barbara Corcoran, millionaire Shark Tank investor.“The same three qualities exist in every successful entrepreneur: passion,high energy and thankfulness”.

Meet Heather Boyd.

Heather is an award-winning Certified Professional Groomer and the owner of Doggie Detailing. She lights up when she talks about her clients – the ones on the grooming table as well
as their human companions.

She expanded to a new 1100 sq. ft. storefront at 391 Dundas St W in Trenton to better meet customer needs and within weeks, word spread and her team are now booking a month in

Doggie Detailing’s new digs are flooded with natural light, music, and their four-legged guests are spoken to in sweet tones and baby talk. Happy, freshly groomed companions greet their owners wearing a colourful bandana or feather adornment. These niceties matter.

All staff are certified vet assistants, highly trained in grooming (one specializing in cat grooming) and award winners. All staff have ongoing training and Heather plans to bring industry
professionals in for skill building sessions.

“We don’t just shave dogs – we style them.” Being top in their field by mastering new techniques and studying emerging trends such as the popular Asian style, shows the commitment of
the team to offer great service.

Staff answers questions, share pictures and video’s while offering advice on their popular Facebook page. Clients can book an appointment online through FB or – what a customer friendly business!

The larger location allows Heather to stock quality food and snacks. Groomers see the dry skin, ear infections and other consequences of poor diets or allergies. Heather has seen the difference raw food diets have made with her own animals and is quick to share her experiences.

“Raw food is not simply ‘raw food’ and its not for old dogs or big dogs – its for all dogs.”

Doggie Detailing offers two food brands that Heather researched and feeds her own pets. She has found local snack makers that provide grain free pet treats and has managed to keep
the costs down. Her line of accessories continues to grow, she promotes a local pet portrait artist and provides an outlet for unique local pet items. Her passion will only expand this business into
new areas that serve our pet adoring community.

Trenval Business Development enjoys working with clients that possess the ‘passion, high energy and thankfulness’ traits. Heather was referred to Trenval by another local business and feels “Trenval is so much more than a business financing option; they are helpful and organized.”

Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, mirrored Corcoran’s belief: “The ONLY way to do great work, is to love what you do”.

Heather Boyd’s love of what she does is a gift to our local community.