Entrepreneurial Food for Thought

Every now and then, we as entrepreneurs come up for air; you know, those times after a major project ends, or a crisis is averted, when we can take stock of where we are before the next wave of challenges washes over us like a storm surge.

In our personal lives this often happens as we start a new year, we promise ourselves we’ll exercise more, lose weight, start a new hobby, stop smoking, do more for charity, the list goes on. Within weeks however, those good intentions have usually been forgotten, overtaken by the sheer pressures of everyday life. But, what about making a few resolutions for our businesses throughout the year – at those moments when we do have a few moments to take stock?

To get you started on thinking about what your business resolutions – or entrepreneurial strategies if you like – might be, here’s a few tough love options that if adopted will almost certainly likely improve your bottom line.

  1. Think positive. Just because the last few months (or more) may have been a little like Nightmare on Elm Street, doesn’t mean that the next period needs to be the same. Beware creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by projecting doom and gloom.
  2. Get out and spend more time selling. I know, you hate selling, and you shouldn’t have to do it now that you’re the boss/owner of the company, but can you really trust anyone else? You know the answer to that don’t you? Sell, or supervise someone else selling – your choice! Just do it, or you know what’ll happen to those revenues.
  3. Stop working blindly. Just because you’re putting the hours in, doesn’t mean you’re reaching goals and objectives that will take you business to the next level. It’s not about working 12-hour days, it’s about what you end up achieving. Take breaks, go for a walk, don’t drift into auto-pilot – focus on achieving tangible, quantifiable goals. Spend some time planning.
  4. Make daily to-do lists. Perhaps you already do, but here’s a novel idea – actually make sure they’re achievable and police yourself to cross everything off the list by the end of the day. If you don’t, pay a forfeit – make three telephone sales call first thing next morning – before you do anything else. That should help your focus! And increase sales – heck you might even enjoy making those sales calls!
  5. Stop being tempted by greener grass. So you’re an entrepreneur, and the ideas keep coming; new markets, new products, purple grass, string less yo-yo’s – the madness has to stop, now! Make a plan and stick to it – how hard can that be?

At the end of the day, we make our own luck, or so they say. In any case, if the next 12-months brings you good luck welcome it with open arms. If the other variety turns up take the hits, get up, dust yourself down and get right back out there and do what you do, only better.