JCK Construction

If a penny was given for every good impression made, John Korotki’s piggy bank would be overflowing. If income was earned based solely on high ethics and incredible work standards, John’s business – JCK Construction – would have a bankroll.

John is a licensed carpenter who has augmented those skills with some civil engineering training. He backs his personal talents up with four men who are
often referred to as the “smartest crew in Brighton”, because each has advanced post- secondary education credentials. Who wouldn’t want a highly skilled, highly trained team working on their new construction or renovation project?

JCK Construction operates almost 100% on referral work. That is an impressive statistic.

John and his crew work on residential and commercial projects that involve new building, renovation and restoration, interior and exterior finishing, flooring,
concrete, decks, fences, landscaping and roofing. He is particularly proud of the work that his company has done under the March of Dimes and Veterans Affairs Programs.

He and his crew have been involved with building ramps, stair lifts, adapting decks and living spaces, with virtually all of this work coming by way of happy client referrals.

John can’t say enough about the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) Start-up Program, and the help, support and guidance he has received. “I recommend CYBF constantly. Trenval’s dedicated personnel, resources and connections were vital components in my business success and I let everyone know that!”

Amber Darling, Trenval’s Loans Officer, worked with John to review and modify a business plan to present to Trenval’s Loans Committee, who review all
loan applications on CYBF’s behalf. The development of the business plan – a key document for any aspiring entrepreneur (and a mandatory requirement for obtaining CYBF financing) is a key element for any small business start-up. The old adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, is certainly true in the world of small business! And CYBF requires each young entrepreneur to have a mentor who is readily available to provide guidance and support.

George Hamilton is John’s mentor and John says, “I’ve benefitted so much from George’s advice and business experience.” The CYBF mentorship element provides its participants with a distinct competitive advantage.

The work of JCK Construction’s owner and staff is proof that working hard, working smart, and developing a “referral culture” can indeed overflow the piggy

John Korotki can be reached at 613-848-1916.