Mentor Connect Quinte Launched

Trenval celebrates supporting local businesses through the Mentor Connect Quinte program launched on Trenval’s 35th Anniversary, Thursday, September 22, 2022

Our Gift to our Business Community & Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Mentoring is a fulfilling and satisfying activity sharing knowledge and abilities with other professionals looking to heighten their entrepreneurial journey.

Scope and Objectives

Why Mentor Connect Quinte?

Business Owners have unique challenges navigating the multifaceted responsibilities of owning and managing a company. While an entrepreneur is well versed with their specific skill, service or product, there are a multitude of management skills and tools necessary to ensure survival and success for the business. Critical to business survival is manage proactively versus reactively, to hone how to “run” the business versus to be hindered or “run” by the business.

The Mentor Connect program matches entrepreneurs with seasoned business professionals based on growth areas identified, such as accounting, customer service, financial management, human resources, lead generation, operations, sales, strategy, succession planning. The Mentor provides independent expert guidance within healthy boundaries, nurturing development of coping strategies. Mentorship forms the foundational path enabling skill and knowledge transfer from Mentor to the Mentee.

The goal of Mentor Connect is to empower entrepreneurs through peer learning opportunities; drawn from authentic ‘real’ business experiences that model methods critical to sustaining strength within their competitive perspective industry. Optimal mentorship will accelerate the mentee’s business acumen, equipping them with SMART tools that area specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely.


“Mentorship is a form of deep collaboration…… that brings excellence and specializations into reach for our business partners. It speeds up processes, widens networks and brings insights that can be game changers. We learn from one another and are enriched by the connection.”

  • Nancy Carroll, CPG Executive, Sales and Marketing, Leadership Coach and Mentor, Industry Specialty- Cosmetics, HBA and Food.

One such business Stephanie Rayton, CEO of Mopsinc. Ltd., that knows the true value of mentorship shares with Trenval …….

“Growth comes with uncertainty. I am grateful to sit down one on one with my Mentor who provides guidance and advice in different areas of the business. Our vision is clear and it is reassuring to hear her path and journey. Building a personal connection with such a successful entrepreneur makes the uncertainty feel less intimidating. We are excited for our future!”

  • Stephanie Rayton, CEP Mopsinc. Ltd.

Trenval is pleased to support entrepreneurship through Mentor Connect Quinte.

“Once the connection starts, the mentorship will grow organically providing the opportunity for mutual knowledge transfer enhancing the entrepreneurial journey.”

  • Eileen Brown, Business and Loans Advisor, Trenval.

In the words of Trenval’s Executive Director:

“No one entrepreneur can go it alone, no one every has… Mentors can volunteer and give their time and help that business out and get some fulfillment in the process as well.”

  • Amber Darling, Executive Director

Quick Facts

  • CFDCs deliver a wide variety of programs and services to support community economic development and small business growth. They employ local staff and are each governed by a volunteer board of directors, made up of local residents representing the community.

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