Mops Inc

Mops Inc has rolled with the pandemic punches, persevered, and successfully expanded with two new branches within the last two years.

Founded by Stephanie Rayton in 2018, Mops Inc started out as a membership-based home cleaning service with clients paying a flat rate for cleaning on a consistent basis.

Mops Inc offers judgement-free service and is reducing employment barriers in the community by hiring people who may not be able to work during a traditional timeframe, especially moms!

The company is on a mission to help people embrace the concept of home cleaning differently, offering personalized home management teams to help you maintain your beautiful spaces. Rayton is building a culture of empowerment, wanting more women to feel comfortable in their homes, in their skin and in their communities.

Challenges & Successes

Once the pandemic hit, Mops Inc was faced with many COVID related challenges. Many moms were unable to work while schools were closed and restrictions were put in place on the types of homes they could clean that fit a certain criteria.

In a direct response to COVID challenges, Rayton launched Major Mops and started cleaning businesses and public spaces. She also entered the vacation cleaning property market and launched Suite Services in 2021.

Mops Inc has since incorporated into Mopsinc Ltd with three divisions.

“The resilience that we have developed in the past few years of business will be something that can carry us forward for years to come,” says Rayton. “We have had to face COVID related closures which resulted in financial stress, staffing shortages, and the fear in the unknown. Projections were put on hold, and we looked at business operations from a day-to-day perspective.”

Community Impact

Rayton is happy to announce that Mopsinc Ltd is a certified Ontario Living Wage Employer.

“When I wrote our first business plan, one of the objectives was to be able to pay our team a living wage,” she says. “We worked hard to reach this goal and are pleased to be able to offer a starting wage of $18 an hour.”

Rayton also made the decision to reinvest in the business this year by hiring on a leadership team.

“With the staffing challenges that are present, we believe that supporting team members is crucial. We have a vibrant office space, wonderful team, and a desire to share our passion which is cleaning,” she says. “We have full time, part time, and seasonal opportunities within our company.”

The Bay of Quinte (BOQ) is a strong community and Rayton says she feels lucky to call this area home.

“We are surrounded by people who support our vision and connect us to opportunities and resources to support our growth goals. I am inspired by many individuals in this region and look forward to giving back,” she says.

The BOQ region is also a destination location and Mopsinc Ltd takes pride in being a part of that experience. Rayton says she looks forward to working with resorts and property owners to create clean and sanitized spaces for their guests and will continue down this path with interest in hotel housekeeping opportunities.

Trenval experience

When Rayton first arrived at Trenval she had a good business model but says she identified as an ostrich when it came to her finances.

“I was connected with Eileen, a loans officer who set windows of time aside for me to ask the questions and worked with me to piece everything together,” says Rayton. “Her support and patience allowed me a space to gain confidence.”

Rayton says she felt ready when meeting with the Trenval investment committee for the first time. She knew her numbers, the committee supported her vision, and she was able to answer any questions they had.

“The comfort I felt at that meeting was a direct reflection of the kindness and encouragement shown to me by the committee. The questions were tough but relevant. I am proud to be a client of Trenval and would encourage anyone who knows it’s time to grow to call and book an appointment,” she says.

Working with Trenval, Rayton says she was happy to be treated as the person behind the business.

“I felt supported and that there was a group of people who were willing to give us a chance,” says Rayton. “They were not just investing in an idea, but in me as a business owner. The staff are always excited to hear how we are doing. I call all the time to ask questions about a new direction of business we are going in and I am provided information and connections to the resources needed to get me to the next level.”

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