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The Bay of Quinte: Be More. Do More. Live More.

The Bay of Quinte: Be More. Do More. Live More


Escape Anonymity: Grow your Company in a Community-Focused Location and Achieve Bigger Impact.

1. BE MORE: Companies in the Bay of Quinte get more attention from three levels of economic development support because the jobs you create have a huge impact on our community.
2. DO MORE: You’ll notice business space and overhead costs are less than other high tech centres so you can maximize investment without compromising on quality or convenience.
3. LIVE MORE: Best of all, enjoy big-city amenities to keep your company competitive and discover a sense of belonging unique to smaller communities

Better Business Support Lets You Do More in the Bay of Quinte

Want to innovate high tech solutions and work in a hub of successful industry leaders in aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, logistics and packaging? Get connected to the support you need to succeed: a thriving, talented workforce, targeted networking, and support services vital to your company –
Let the QEDC hook you up, contact us today.


Quinte Business Development Centre

The Quinte Business Development Centre is a partnership of municipal, provincial and federally supported, not-for-profit organizations that support the start-up and development of business in the Quinte area. For the convenience of our clients it provides one-stop shopping for business related inquiries and support at our shared facilities in the Pioneer Building, Loyalist College at 284B Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville.