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The Country Butcher Shop

The Country Butcher Shop is not named ‘country’ because of a remote rural location – its only a few minutes north of the 401 on Hwy 62. Its name came from the values its owner Doug Goodfellow is committed to carrying on. He wanted a good old fashioned service where the butcher knew his customers, their preferred cuts of meat and stood behind the quality of the products sold. He wanted a personal experience where he could offer marinating tips or bbq secrets to ensure his customers would make the most out of their purchase. He’s achieved it.

Doug has had time to envision his dream storefront. He started working in a butcher shop 30 years ago, where he began his apprenticeship with skilled professionals who passed down their knife and cutting techniques.

“Butchering is a process that takes years to master” Doug relays. Experience and skill is required to ensure the right cuts. While Doug has full time and part time staff, they only work to their level of training whether that’s deboning, cutting meat for kabobs etc.

Over the decades, Doug has worked with live animals straight through to the final butchering so he knows what to look for and which suppliers and farmers to trust. Its important to his customers to know where their meat is coming from and Doug only selects Canadian brands.

An extensive variety of beef,chicken, pork, lamb, sausages, kabobs and more fill his counter displays. There are fresh meats mixed with marinated and spiced offerings ready for the bbq, pan or oven. His customers rave about his secret sauces which he will soon be retailing as he grows in 2017 (along with plans for catering, a bakery, a lunch window, and outside eating area). Doug has been busy serving new and repeat customers since he opened in April and satisfying more people in a wider capacity is his end goal.

Stand up freezers are packed with beef and chicken pies – mouths water with the thought of the bubbly gravy and tender pastry. Beef and turkey burgers, shrimp, wings, sausages with tantalizing ingredients take you from eating to dining. His counters and shelves are filled with unique sauces and condiments that will inspire every cook. Buns, breads, pies and tarts plus potatoes and side dishes mean his customers walk out with the entire meal ready to go.

It’s Doug’s ‘all in’ commitment to making the Country Butcher Shop a local landmark that moved Trenval Business Development to support his efforts. They believe in character lending and helping local entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

“We invest in people. Small business makes this a great area to live in and we’re excited to add Doug to our long list of clients” says Amber Darling, Business & Investment Advisor.

Serve only fresh and fabulous this holiday season and pre-order your free-range turkey from Country Butcher Shop today to guarantee delivery.